Parrot Sequoia
heir to the MultiSPEC AIRINOV

  • 4 multispectral bands

    The four spectral bands (green, red, red-edge and near infrared) are used to determine the culture health. These bands were determined jointly with INRA in 2010 during the AIRINOV development.z

  • RGB camera

    In addition to the 4 sensors, an RGB camera 16MP can create “classic” maps easily interpreted by a human. This feature can be very useful when we want to compare what we see with the multispectral interpretations.

  • Internal memory

    Sequoia sensor has an internal memory of 64GB allowing it to directly store the images. The Sunshine sensor has a SD card reader that will increase the amount of stored pictures.

  • WIFI

    Sequoia sensor syncs easily with mobile app AIRINOV thanks to its WiFi connection. This application will allow you to transfer us your images after the flight to take advantage of our agricultural expertise.

  • Lightweight

    Sequoia weighs only 72 grams. If it is combined with the Sunshine sensor, total weight passes just over 107 grams making it a light sensor, but also with its small compact size. It can be adapted to all drone of the market.

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You wish to process your Sequoia data? AIRINOV offers you USD 200 of data treatment!

AIRINOV is a specialist in agronomy by drone. The power of our data processing associated with the Sequoia sensor will allow you to access a new world of precision agriculturedriven by drone.

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